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All My Favourite Things (Well, some of them, anyway!)

I thought it might be fun to give you an overview of some of my favourite items in the store that I regularly use and love! Because I could go on and on about all my favourite things, I am limiting myself to my top 3 food items, accessories and treats! Top 3 Food Items: … Continue reading All My Favourite Things (Well, some of them, anyway!)

Dental Health (Week 1)

Did you know February is the Pet Dental Health Month?! This month we will feature a series of blogs relevant to your pets dental health! Our pets dental health is extremely important and prevention is a key strategy for minimizing dental disease! Periodontal disease is increasingly common in our young dogs and cats and in … Continue reading Dental Health (Week 1)

Canine Enrichment: Information and Resources

Everyone seemed to appreciate the enrichment links I shared the other day, so I thought I’d start the year off by sharing a few more resources on enrichment! Enrichment is increasingly acknowledged as being crucially important for your dog's, and other animals, mental and physical well-being. Have you ever watched the enrichment activities that the … Continue reading Canine Enrichment: Information and Resources