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Making a Better Bowl

Did you know eating healthy is good for your dog too!?  We are increasingly seeing the benefits of feeding dogs unprocessed foods, including freeze-dried and dehydrated food, gently cooked food, and raw! While we appreciate these options do not suit everyone or every dog, your dog can still benefit from the addition of fresh and raw foods to their kibble!

One way your pooch can benefit through unprocessed food is by adding dog-friendly fruits and vegetables to your dogs’ diet! This can easily be done in several ways – you can do something as simple as:

  • Adding a dollop of canned pumpkin or sweet potato to your dogs’ diet!
  • Adding a dollop of Primal Healthy Green Smoothie or Winter Squash Puree Elixirs to your dogs’ bowl! These are always stocked in our freezers! We love these items because you defrost them and store in the refrigerator (and use within 7 days!), or for easy serving, you can thaw the elixir and portion it into ice cubes and then re-freeze!
  • Giving your pup dog friendly fruits and veggies as a snack!

For a health and flavour boost, you can also top your dogs kibble with freeze-dried, dehydrated, gently cooked, and raw foods!

Other fun ways to boost your bowls includes using bone broth (available in powders, tetra packs, and frozen!) and goats’ milk (available in powder or frozen!)

Swing by and chat with us about how to mix-things up for your dog by adding fresh foods to their bowls!

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