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All My Favourite Things (Well, some of them, anyway!)

I thought it might be fun to give you an overview of some of my favourite items in the store that I regularly use and love! Because I could go on and on about all my favourite things, I am limiting myself to my top 3 food items, accessories and treats!

Best Bet 4 Pets_Favourite Products
All of my favourite things!

Top 3 Food Items:

  1. Primal Freeze-Dried Nuggets:

This is a staple of Gremlin’s diet! Primal utilizes responsibly sourced, high quality ingredients to make species appropriate formulas and is one of my favourite raw foods on the market. Freezer space is super tight for me, so I have opted to using their freeze-dried nuggets instead of raw nuggets. Gremlin’s favourites are Beef, Venison and Rabbit!

  1. Grandma Lucy’s:

Kit eats Grandma Lucy’s Artisan formulas. After she became ill last year, it made sense to move her onto this awesome product as it offers natural nutrition from whole food ingredients which have been minimally processed and freeze dried.

  1. Nature’s Logic Canned Pumpkin:

I supplement Kit and Gremlins meals with Nature’s Logic Pumpkin Puree daily. Pumpkin is an underrated superfood that our dogs’ can benefit from – it is nutrient rich, hydrating, and can help with digestive regularity!

Top 3 Accessories:

  1. Messy Mutts Silicone Bake and Freeze Treat Maker

If you’ve been in the store, you have probably heard me rave about the Messy Mutts product line up – I absolutely love everything from this line! I love the Messy Mutts Silicone Bake and Freeze Treat Maker for freezing pumpkin (or other supplements) in super cute bone shapes – I use the bigger bone mold for Kit, and the small bones mold for Gremlin!

  1. Messy Mutts Stainless Steel Bowls & Silicone Lids

Another Messy Mutts product I use daily is the set of stainless steel and coloured silicone lids. These awesome bowls are perfect for raw and dehydrated meals, allowing you to prep your dog’s food in advance! The airtight seal keeps your pup’s food fresh, and the bowls are stackable for easy storage!

  1. Totally Pooched Elevated Feeder

Gremlin eats and drinks from an Elevated Feeder to help manage her IVDD – I naturally had to purchase her a coral elevated feeder from Totally Pooched, because who doesn’t love all things pink!? This elevated feeder has grippy feet and is very sturdy (which is great, since she thinks it is meant to be climbed on). If you aren’t into the pink, it also comes in more practical colours including two shades of grey (cool grey and dark grey) and teal!

Top 3 Treats:

  1. Icelandic+ Cod Skins

This is by far and away my favourite chew in the store to give my dogs and Kit would do just about anything to get her teeth into one of these! These treats are a natural source of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, as they are simply made of cod skin strips (no additives, preservatives or supplements!). I regularly give these to my dogs to help reduce tartar and plaque build up and to improve their skin and coat.

  1. Pets 4 Life Smoked Tripe Treats

These cold smoked tripe treats from Pets 4 Life are one of my favourite treats we carry because they make feeding your dog tripe SO EASY. These treats are made of 100% Canadian ingredients and are naturally cold smoked to preserve the tripe’s nutrients, gastric juices, amino acids and digestive enzymes intact! I also use these to hide pills for the dogs!

  1. K9Natural Green Lipped Mussels

I was so excited when we brought in these Green Mussels! These amazing treats help support your dogs’ skin and joint health as well as assist your dog’s natural anti-inflammatory response.

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