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Food Enrichment

There are many great ways to use feeding time and treats to enrich our dogs’ lives – remember, it is not about how long it takes your dog to complete the task at hand, but about them enjoying themselves and using their brains!

One great option is a Snuffle Mat! We carry a line of Snuffle Mats from Malamoose, a local Calgary maker! Snuffle mats work by encouraging dogs to utilize their natural instincts of sniffing out and foraging for their food, and can be used in a variety of ways to provide mental stimulation for your pup!  Want to learn more? Check out this page on Snuffle Mat Uses from Malamoose.

Messy Mutts Therapeutic Feeding Mat
Messy Mutts Silicone Therapetuic Feeding Mat with Silicone Spatula

Another one of my favourite items is the Therapeutic Feeding Mat from Messy Mutts! This item has to be one of my favourite things in the entire store! This silicone mat is 8” x 8” in size, and is made from a super flexible silicon that is easy to wash AND dishwasher safe! How does it work? You take your dog’s favourite soft treat, supplement or food and spread it over the surface – your dog then licks it up, providing therapeutic benefits of licking the ridged surface!

Finally, another great way to entertain your pup is by using puzzle toys! The Outward Hound and Nina Ottoson puzzles are great – there are a variety of puzzles, and 3 levels to work through. Remember that it is important to start with an easier puzzle and show your dog how to use it – the goal is enrichment, not frustration! These are a great toy to keep on hand, and great to break out when the weather is cold! If your dog figures out the puzzle quickly, not to worry! You can refill the puzzle and let your dog complete it again!

Swing the store and we will be happy to show you these great products and how they work!

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